2 Февруари, вместо педераси политици гледай макро фотография

Щрак, цък..

..цък, превъртам новинарските сайтове и пред очите ми все изникват педерасите политици… изведнъж нещо в мен ме подсеща за отдавна използваните в макро фотографията лещи Рейнокс.

Ами да, това е, днес вместо поредната порция педераси реших да гледам макро фотография:






About the Author:

In 2008 myself and my wife packed in our jobs at the ripe old ages of 34 and 29 to move into a smallholding in the heart of the Pannonian plain in rural Hungary with wild dreams of growing our own food and living an altogether simpler life. Photography is a passion that sits wonderfully alongside the lifestyle that we have chosen for ourselves and the dramatically featureless landscape offers unique opportunities for dramatic skyscapes and cloudscapes. To contrast this Budapest and Debrecen also present delightful opportunities for me to photograph wonderful cityscapes in two of the most beautiful Cities in Europe with everything on offer in between.

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