Singapore Changi Airport: Kinetic Rain

“Kinetic Rain” is a new artwork designed by ART+COM for Terminal 1 at Changi Airport. The kinetic sculpture adds a contemplative element to the lively transit space of the departure hall.

“Kinetic Rain” consists of two parts that are installed above the two central escalators. The two symmetrical elements are composed of 608 drops made of lightweight aluminium covered with copper. Each drop is connected with a very thin steel rope to a computer-controlled motor moving it precisely up and down. Thus the sculpture can take three-dimensional, abstract and pictorial shapes.

Both parts of the sculpture join in a fifteen-minute choreography. Because of “Kinetic Rain’s” central location, the sculpture can be seen from underneath, above and all sides. Depending on the perspective, the visual experience of the computationally designed, complex movement of the drops is completely different.

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